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Dear St. Charles Parents,

Thank you again for your partnership and support as we make our way through these days of distancing. This communication contains important information about how we will proceed through the next month. Some of the details are clear and ironed out, while other details are yet to be determined. Please read the updates below with careful attention. I’ve also addressed a few topics that came up on the survey with higher frequency. There are a few data snapshots from the survey at the bottom of this communication. The staff and I appreciate your feedback and are glad to see that the results affirm the work we are doing generally meets your expectations and standards.

Last Days of Distance Learning

  • Last Day of Preschool: May 28
  • Last Day of K-7th: May 29
  • Last Day of 8th Grade: May 27


  • K-4th Mary Concert
  • 5th-8th Choir & Band Concert
  • Field Trips

Teacher Appreciation May 4-8

Home and School will be coordinating our teacher appreciation efforts during the week of May 4-8

May 8 Pick-Up Day for K-4

This may include materials that will support Distance Learning for the remainder of the year along with the contents of their desk. Students in grades 5-8 will pick up the contents of their lockers on a day TBD during the first week of June. A plan with logistics for this day will be released by May 4.

St. Charles Spirit Week is May 11-15

Details, including some added Charger fun, to come next week.

June 1-5 End of the Year Events

The following events were on the calendar for June 1-5. We need to find different ways to hold these events or postpone them; it may end up being both. We will be in communication with the appropriate parents about how and when these events will be held

  • Kindergarten Orientation
  • Kindergarten Graduation
  • 8th Grade Graduation
  • Preschool/PreK end of the year program
  • Carnival Day-some fun activity for Grades 1st-7th
  • Textbook & Chromebook drop-off day

Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed out on June 5.


    • Grades K-4: Standard grades for Math, ELA, Religion. All other grades pass/fail or NA

    • Grades 5-8: Standard grades for SS, Science, ELA, Religion, Math. All other grades pass/fail or NA

Band & Choir for the remaining school year

To this point, we’ve planned on using our standard grading system while hoping that we would be back in school by the end of the year and be able to have our middle school band and choir concert. With the knowledge that we will not be in school, band and choir will be moving to a “Pass” grade along with other specialists. Students will receive credit but it will not be graded. Both of our band and choir directors have planned projects to culminate the school year. We’re excited about having these end of the year projects as a culmination of their work. For this to happen we need students to choose to participate. We request that you support your 5th-8th graders’ participation in these projects.

4th Grade Email

We will enable 4th grade email so that 4th grade students may email the 4th grade teachers and receive responses from the 4th-grade teachers. All other Gmail activity will remain blocked. If you would not like your 4th grader to have this access, please make their homeroom teacher aware.

Google Comments in Google Classroom

Google Comments will remain available for teachers to make comments on students’ work. The comment will be attached to and pertain to a particular assignment. Teachers may also use Google Comments as a discussion board as a part of an assignment. Google Comments are not to be used for general communication between teachers and parents. General communications that solicit a response from the teacher should be handled via email. This will ensure your message is received in a timely manner by the teacher.

Google Meetings

Google Meetings will be set up as assignments and given a due date even though there is nothing due and there is nothing to turn in. This is so the Meet will show up on a student’s “To Do” list in Google Classroom. Parents will be notified of these meetings via email at least 24 hours before they take place.

More Interaction with Teachers

On the survey, there were a number of requests for more interaction between teachers and parents. Please utilize teacher office hours to schedule phone calls or meetings if your child needs additional support with schoolwork or would just like to speak with or see their teacher.

More Interaction with Peers

Each class will continue to have 1-2 Google Meetings per week online so that students may interact with their classmates. We suggest setting up your own separate virtual meetings on the platform of your choice for additional interaction with classmates and school friends. There will be an email sent soon to verify your household school directory information. Once this is updated, it will be a helpful way to get contact information for a classmate’s household and to set up your own virtual meetings.

Student Privacy Online

Parents, please do not allow your son or daughter privacy online. It is important to us that you know their Google Account password and monitor their online activity. Please check their browser history periodically to make sure they are not visiting unwanted or inappropriate websites. Please let your child know that the school has the ability to check their browsing history, even if they delete it. Supervision is key when children are online. Please make sure you check on them and do now allow them to be in a room with a device and a closed door.

St. Charles school is supported by St. Charles Borromeo Parish in St. Anthony Village, MN. At St. Charles we provide a solid foundation of Faith & Knowledge for Life. To schedule a tour, request more information, or enroll a student, please contact us by email or phone (612) 781-2643.
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