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Student Activities


Lectors/Altar Servers

Beginning in fifth grade, male students are invited to begin performing the duties of Alter Servers.  Training and initial serving experience typically begins for new altar servers near the beginning of Lent under the supervision of the parish Deacon.  Initially inexperienced servers are paired with more experienced servers to assist in the learning process.

Student lectors serve at various school masses throughout the year.  This program is open to eighth grade students who wish to volunteer and be trained for this liturgical service.

Student Council

The Student Council consists of seventh and eighth grade officers that are elected by their peers to hold the positions of President, Vice President, Senators, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Each homeroom in the middle school will also elect two classroom representatives to the Council.  General elections are held in the fall of each year.   The Council exists for the expression of student opinion and to build a sense of community between students and faculty.  It is the purpose of the Student Council to coordinate open gym evenings and school dances, participate in the planning and coordination of service projects, and put forth ideas presented by their classmates.


The Yearbook Committee consists of any seventh or eighth grade students who would like to help plan, write, and edit the yearbook.  Students can help by taking photographs of school events and student life, in addition to helping construct the yearbook online.  The committee meets after school from October through March.

Service to Others

St Charles School participates in many programs that allow our students to serve others in need.  Our students have participated in programs such as Feed My Starving Children, Food Drives, and Operation Rice Bowl.  In addition to these programs students have other opportunities to assist and support programs such as Pro-Life Across America, Franciscan Brothers of Peace, Sharing and Caring Hands.  Support for these types of programs has included but not limited to bake sales, “Jeans Pass for Charity” days and food collection drives.  In recent years, St. Charles students and families have assisted various schools and orphanages in Guatemala through the collection and shipment of thousands of pounds of school supplies and clothing.  In order to graduate, seventh and eighth grade students are required to perform a minimum of forty-five hours of service during these two years.

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a general knowledge bowl sponsored by area Catholic high schools.  Eighth grade students can try-out for the Quiz Bowl team with the final team chosen by middle school faculty.  Students compete against other local Catholic schools at the University of St. Thomas in December.  Quiz Bowl meets for practice after school in November and December.

D.A.R.E. program

While part of the academic day, students in fifth and eighth grades participate in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program.  St. Anthony Police Department personnel, working in conjunction with our middle school staff provide instruction in this area of safety awareness.