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The art program at St. Charles School offers students the opportunity to express their artistic creativity. Elementary grades learn the basic concepts of color, line, texture, and form while exploring a wide variety of art media. Middle school students build upon these basics and expand their knowledge as well as appreciation for art through the study of artists from Renaissance period to the present. Student's art work is often displayed throughout the building for all to enjoy.


The St Charles music program focuses on the following goals:


  • Hearing, singing, and playing selections ranging from traditional to contemporary.
  • Developing skills in listening, reading, and performing music.
  • Dramatizing plays, operas, and song stories.
  • Improvising and composing music and dance.
  • Optional activities for Orff and Kodaly methods.

Our music program begins in kindergarten and runs through eighth grade.  Students in middle school have the choice of participating in either band or choir.


Students in choir will lead the singing at liturgies and special occasions.  During the school day students will practice two times per week and perform twice yearly at school concerts.


St. Charles School uses the Totino-Grace Fine Arts Academy for its band program.  The staff of the Fine Arts Academy consists of Mr. Tim Hoffman, a brass and percussion specialist and Ms. Jessica Giers, a woodwind specialist.  They are area professionals and directors that are currently on staff at Totino-Grace High School.  Students participate in group band as well as small group lessons. Instruction takes place once a week at St. Charles.  Students put on two concerts during the school year: one in December and one in May.


St Charles School offers introductory instruction in Spanish in all grades.  This program is designed to prepare our students for the study of foreign languages, with a special emphasis on Spanish.  Currently most St Charles graduates are ready for entrance into Spanish 2.

Physical Education

A comprehensive physical education program is offered for all grades.  The program has brought many awards to the school and the students.  The physical education program consists of activities and experiences designed to meet the health, safety, physical and recreational needs of all students.  Exercise and games, both indoors and out, lead to physical development of students.

Learning Media Center (LMC)

The (LMC) provides materials at different levels to meet the individual needs of students.  The LMC staff will offer guidance in reading and developing good library skills and habits.  They will also provide guidance in other areas of the curriculum.  Students are encouraged to have the LMC staff assist them in finding resources for their educational, personal, and vocational questions.

Goals of the LMC are:

  • Provide opportunities for children to pursue individual interests and projects, either as a result and extension of classroom activities or on the student’s initiative.
  • Allow for a variety of enrichment experiences.
  • Guide students to acquire appropriate library, computer and study skills.


Special Services

Computer Curriculum Corporations (CCC) Lab

Individualized instruction is offered in reading, math, and spelling.  The courseware used is appropriate for all students from those requiring intervention to the higher achiever needing new challenges.

Special Education

The nonpublic special education program is provided on site by the St Anthony/New Brighton School District 282 to qualifying students.  St Charles School staff and district personnel work collaboratively on classrooms interventions, review of student records, consultation, observation and assessment.  Certified special education teachers provide services for qualifying students within the school day.



For more information on special services provided at St Charles School, please contact, Mrs. Helen Monroe at 612-787-1141 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it